ADIS16470 Maven file download?

I downloaded the zip file on the release page at
I found the vendordeps file without an issue but I can’t find the file to go in the maven folder in Users/Public/wpilib/2020/maven…
The zip download contains the file path maven\com\github\juchong\adis16448-java\2020.r1… but that does not match the file path used by imports in example code shown here where the path is

import com.analog.adis16470.frc.ADIS16470_IMU

How do I get the imports to work?

To answer the question for future reference:
you shouldn’t mess with the maven caches. Once GradleRIO properly loads the vendordep JSON, an online build will download the maven package. VS Code will also download it if you add the vendordep through the “online” option.