Adjust individual motor speed

Quick question. I’ve checked the library and I am unable to find a function that allows me to change an individual motor speed. I read some where that you can do this with Smart Dashboard but it’s too late for us to implement that now. Also, I need to set these values is teleop.

Anyone know how do go about doing this?

Create an object, call Set() on it.

// some global somewhere... 
Jaguar my_motor(2);


// in your main loop
my_motor.Set( 1.0 );  // full speed in one direction
my_motor.Set( -1.0 ); // full speed in another direction

However, I suspect that is not what you’re asking. If you want to control the motor using some external input, then the easiest thing is just pass the value retrieved from a joystick.

// some global somewhere
Joystick stick;


// in your main loop
my_motor.Set( stick.GetY() );

Thank you so much! I actually needed the first one. Our robot has a slight curve so I wanted to make one robot have a little more power than the other (Not joystick based).

I’ll go test out a few different values and tell you if it works out!

EDIT: The first method you gave us would move the robot, the second would just control it. Could I maybe make a function that would automatically (Time based) use the .Set method? It would only turn on if your driving with that stick.

public void fixCurve(bool x){
while(x == true){

(X is made true when the robot drives and false when they stop)

EDIT: My function would work but we need a formula to determine the speed so this itself doesn’t cause a curve… FUN!

Don’t use Wait() to implement a timing delay. Use the timer class instead.

First and foremost, you want to determine if there is an alignment or friction problem in your drivetrain, or a resistance problem in your wiring, that is causing this. For example, see this post. If you find a problem, it is far better to correct it at the source.

Secondly, What kind of drivetrain do you have, and what is your driver interface? I ask because there may be better ways to compensate.

I probably could answer your questions, however, I would rather talk to one of the team members on the build committee first before I throw out possibly incorrect information.