Adjustable Hood Design

So I came across this image of an adjustable hood from 2020:mqdefault

From the accompanying video I found, turning the gear made the hood adjust its angle while spinning the wheel did not. From what I can see, it looks like the hood is on the same axle as the wheels so why doesn’t the gear spin when the wheels spin? Can someone tell me how this works? Thanks!!

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The gear has a bearing on the inside of it that the shaft runs through, so they aren’t mechanically coupled. However, the gear is attached to the hood, so when the gear turns, the hood moves with it.

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I’m assuming the gear is just attached to the hood using one of the bolt holes that are just visible on the gear from the image?

Yes exactly.
Here is an example from our 2022 robot.

You can see the bearing in the gear (highlighted with red) and the bolt holes that we use to attach to the hood (highlighted in blue)


Perfect thanks!!

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This is our robot from last year


Here’s a method our team and many others use. The white piece is a bushing and the shaft rides in an internal bearing. Gearing at the back helps reduce affects of gear backlash.


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