Adjustable hood vs speed differential

Do you think you can shoot reliably with a static shooter and a speed difference between the top and bottom roller or is an adjustable hood is neccesery?

If you can get one, an adjustable hood will be more reliable. It’s still possible to change the trajectory with differentials, but you’ll end up with lots of spin. Ideally you do both, to be able to shoot dead, no-spin balls in a wide range


I could be wrong but as long as your top and bottom rollers are on different motors you should be able to dial it in to have little to no back spin on the balls. And then it’s just about finding the right RPM to match where you are on the field. My old team did this and could shoot from just outside the tarmac, the protection zone and the drivers station and I’m sure had they had a limelight or some sort of vision they could have shot from anywhere on the field past the tarmac and made it with it dialed in.

Yes, you are still able to make it from anywhere, dead ball. The problem is that the trajectory gets significantly less reliable when you’re blasting it 20 feet in the air to make a protected shot. If you use a static shooter it’s also just about impossible to get both hub and protected shots.

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Yes Our shooter has two positions, one for fender shots which we rarely use and another position for the rest. 2 inch roller front and back on falcons. Very accurate from all over.

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Yes. Go look at 973 this year.


973, 8033, 604, and 7157 are all really good shooters with fixed shot angles that shoot amazingly well. However, a fixed angle does mean that you either lose access to close or far shots - 973 can only shoot from a certain distance away. The other listed teams all tend to lose accuracy the farther out they go, so they can’t make launchpad shots easily.

I also just found that 7157 was finalist at three events this year, but didn’t qualify for champs. Weak.


Wow no 3512 on that list? Rude! /s



You forgot 3322 >:( /s


Our team, 7028, has a single roller shooter with a fixed hood and we can shoot reliably from 3-17’.

Having a top roller would be nice for controlling backspin to reduce bounce out, but we did pretty well without it. An adjustable hood would give even more control and a little more range, but certainly not required.

We’re shooting from up close to launchpad with a single wheel, fixed angle shooter.


nah man, we here


We had the same setup. Pneumatic two position accel wheel shooter wheel and rear wheel all powered by 2 falcons

On 696 we used a limelight to aim an adjustable hood and to control flywheel speed. The back of the hood was made of rollers tied into the flywheels with a belt, so we couldn’t vary the speed ratios between the front and back, but the whole unit was adjustable. With a well tuned table, we were shooting from 20+ feet with 85%+ accuracy.

8033 actually has an adjustable hood and either no or constant speed differential, I would have to check which

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