Adjustable Shooter Hood vs Changing Rpm of the Shooter

I believe 973 got a 42 with their unmodified 2020 fixed hood.

Difference between 42 and 45 is just how many times you’re willing to film.


We could have filmed a billion times and never got above 36 on PP with our bot as designed for 2020. It was designed to shoot from behind the Color Wheel<1>. In the green zone it was hitting 3’ below the Hexagon. Amusingly in the 2nd zone we were very consistently scoring 3 points because we couldn’t quite clear the bottom of the hexagon, but hitting the lip was deflecting the power cells up enough to make the inner goal!

<1> we had to abandon this plan in competition and shoot from the trench in front of the color wheel because wear-n-tear on the power cells was destroying our accuracy at the longer distance.

Must have run out of film.


We did this by removing two bolts, a standoff and adding a zip tie. Didn’t seem too crazy and worked pretty well. We fired at full speed for the green zone and combined hitting the target with the PC on the way up for close zones and the way down for longer shots. Very little of this would have been possible with a 3d target, but after switching to a 2d target we got 45 points after 6 or 7 runs.

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Both is best and possible. It’s harder to do and my team is sticking to adjustable hood and fixed speed with different zones until we finish everything else we need to do (up close switches to a low speed and once we move some distance away we switch to high speed, with hood adjusting continuously) , and then in the future we want to combine varying velocity and angle so that we can hit the target at a preferred angle of incidence each time (perpendicular to the target).

We got 45 points on one of our robots with a fixed position shooter. The variable angle shooter wasn’t ready at that time so we used our variable rpm shooter and we could do it. Our release angle is ~40 degrees.

Our angle was much steeper than our 2020 setup with a bar pulled out, 45 degrees sounds about right to me.

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