Adjustable Shooter

Just curious how other teams are adjusting their shooters. Are you adjusting speed, angle of shot, or both?

Team 639 will be adjusting both.

74 will likely be adjusting both

Skunks, Speed plus turret for aiming.
We have the ability to change the launch angle but not during the match.

At least speed, if time allows then angle too

Vision tracking for angle change and also encoder for speed change.

If we adjust anything, it’ll be both angle and speed. We don’t think just adjusting speed without changing angle will produce a useful range of shots into the same goal. It rarely does.

Angle changing may be a thing that we save for after the first event, after seeing where it’s important to shoot from, to keep things simple.

Neither. I like the idea of a single shooting position at a single constant speed.

Our autonomous will have adjustible shooter speed. However, for the remainder of the match we will run with the exact same configuration and will shoot using a hard stop. We don’t have the programming capability to build a reliable adjustible shooter.

We can change angle, point of release, compression etc outside of the match though. Depending on strategy we may switch configurations.

We will likely be going with the same.

If we end up having more than one shot we want to hit (big if), we’ll probably have a second angle with a second speed. But definitely not more than 2 different angle/speed combinations. Sounds unnecessary and difficult.

I concur. Repeatability is key.

I see what you did there

Our prototyping showed that it’s only about 1/4th inch range or so that you need to move the trailing edge of a wheeled shooter backboard in order to aim the shot well. We will be adjusting both

Turreted full court shooter that shoots between 5 and 30 bps based on range. Move over 1717!

*Sadly I cannot divulge our true master plan *OF DOOM! They will hunt me down. Come back in 3 weeks.


Only 30 bps? Aren’t you forgetting it’s Chief, and everyone is doing 30 bps at 90% accuracy from full court? Are you guys tired of getting to Einstein or something? /s

It’s just not the same this year.

Wait, we’re allowed to shoot the gears now?