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Every now and then when I go to a post, I get a completely blank page, and have to refresh it a couple times to get the right page. Nothing really wrong about that, but sometimes, instead of getting a blank page, I get a page that has admin options on it, and a link to apply those options. I clicked the link (though I had no action selected, I was just making sure it wouldn’t allow me to do it), and it said “you don’t have access.” So there isn’t really a security hole, I was just wondering if this is a bug? It might have something to do with me using Opera, because I don’t get this at school when I use IE. There’s a sample screen shot at the bottom of this post.


PS. It’s extemely unrepeatable, and only happens at odd intervals. Might it just be a problem with Opera?

Very odd.

I use Opera primarily, and haven’t experienced that.

Not sure what would cause that…

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**I use Opera primarily, and haven’t experienced that.

But that’s because you are supposed to have admin options :wink:

Haha, oh well … I’ll just chock it up to one of life’s little flukes.


I run into the same problem…with the same browser (but on Linux…woot). I get less of a page though. When it happens to me, the page is totally blank. It totally downloads the page, it just never renders it. It takes a couple of refreshes to get the page to work, like he said. I get no admin options :confused:

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**But that’s because you are supposed to have admin options :wink: **

Well yeah, but I mean I don’t get a blank page with just the admin options…

i sometime get this here and on my site (which is also php).

I’d be willing to guess that the php parser for some reason decides not to echo all the source to the browser, or the connection gets broken. It would be like if you clicked cancel just as half the soruce had been receaved. :slight_smile:

//That’s just my guess tho :smiley:

Hey thats happened to me once in a while also, but i was using IE6 at my school when it happened, i think it could of been a bug with the security at my school that might have happened when an administrator was on-line at the same time, cause it only happened when i went to look at announcements.

Just as another data point, this has never happened to me.

Phoenix (Firebird) 0.5, Win2k
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a) Gecko/20021207 Phoenix/0.5