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Hello CD,

I wanted to know what tools you use to manage your teams, be it in the financial area, in the outreach area, the administration area such as inventories, etc.

I await your responses.

Thank you!

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Lock the freshmen programmers in a room and make them write an inventory software :sunglasses: and then use GitHub projects instead of trello cause we’re cool.


Our main administrative tool is ClickUp, which we use for planning, project management, ordering and supply, and as a general forum through it’s chat function. It’s pretty flexible and lets us do a lot that used to get done through less efficient means like spreadsheets and email. We also use GitHub for our programmers to have a central point for code distribution and version control and OnShape as our CAD program because we can do proper version control and distributed CADing using it.


Our relationship with spreadsheets is vast and deep. LOL

Here is a copy of what I call our Legacy record that shows everything or team has ever done. It is a great resource for everything from awards to grants. It maintains the teams history even when people tend to come and go. (Or forget) But you do need someone to fill it out each year.
That’s the only one specific to Robotics. The rest are more like normal spreadsheets.


For the past two years my team has not used team management software very effectively.

Next year we will be using team management hardware. (whiteboard)


We use Slack to keep everyone updated and send out announcements, we also have an engineering notebook that the students use to document their build season. For outreach we have a spreadsheet for hours and use our impact documentation form to document the event.
We have a hard time keeping track of progress and all of the above requires consistent utilization so sometimes we’re not as effective as we could be, we’re looking to improve our organization during the off season and I like all of the suggested tools above :slight_smile:

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  • Discord for communication
  • Google Drive, Sheets, Docs for all other files and pictures/videos
  • GitHub for Programming version control

We use rosariosis(student management)and SnipeIt(inventory).

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We use, monday is doing a global partnership with FIRST and you can get a pro workplace for free, you just have to go through some email stuff with them, but its relatively smooth. Its not too bad to implement and it makes everything very organized. We use it for purchasing, deadlines for technical and admin, part tracking and other small things. Hugely recommend it to most medium to large size teams. I think trello is better option for small teams. Here’s some screenshots of how we use it:

We also use discord for non official team communication and small discussion


Are they still supporting the partnership? I can’t get them to respond. We would like to use Monday, but are afraid that they’ve backed away from supporting FIRST programs, which is a bummer because I really like their software.


There was a thread about in-org reshuffling which did something to the FRC-facing team which all but removed the partnership. I do hope that something changes but I’m not sure about the long-term maintainability if so.

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Anybody have the FRC equivalent of an annual gardening or home maintenance calendar? Volunteer form deadline, when to order stock (& pool noodles), etc. The whole long list of every little thing & when to do it during the year…

It seems like every year a few things get forgotten & we end up late (resulting in a firedrill). It might not happen if we developed (& used) something like that.


This is an idea I’ve had for years but never actually implemented…

This would be especially helpful for teams with students managing purchases, especially when transitioning student leadership.

We use Basecamp 4 to assign and share things with the whole team and between mentors. Our school system prevents mentors and students communication via social media, so discord is out of the question for mentor to student communication.

For students, we use snapchat and discord for unofficial team communication… or just hanging out.

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