Adobe Creative Cloud Mentor

Greetings, FRC Teams!

As noted in Kate’s KOP blog post, FRC teams will be able to designate an Adobe Creative Cloud Mentor for the 2020-2021 Season. This Mentor will receive a license to Adobe Creative Cloud to help support activities such as:

  • Photo Editing
  • Video production
  • Audio editing
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Flyers and handouts
  • Social Media posts
  • Web Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Multimedia production
  • AR/VR design

Creative Cloud is a diverse set of software applications and services. Many schools already receive some aspects of Creative Cloud today. In fact, Adobe Spark (single page web apps, social media posts, and videos) is free for anyone to use, and the premium version is available to any school that asks for it.

We’re hoping to see some amazing Chairman’s videos and team promotional materials, as well as teams upping their games on social media. Stay tuned as we get ready for kickoff, as we’ll have some exciting challenges for your teams in addition to the ones FIRST will provide.


has anyone been able to designate the adobe mentor?
I cant find that option in our dashboard.


Looking at the vouchers, I couldn’t tell either. It just had the team number and a link to the generic Adobe education site.

Sorry for the confusion. We’ve updated the Virtual KOP link, which now points at the Adobe instructions. Your lead Mentor needs to designate the person who will be the Adobe Creative Cloud Mentor. They do this in the team dashboard.

Where in the team dashboard?

While I guessed it might be an option in KoP (like where the shipping address is) or in Contacts, I also haven’t found it.

Thanks for linking the other instructions but a little more detail (or a fix) is needed.

The Lead Mentor needs to invite the mentor to join the team. They will have an Invite Team Contact option (I do not, as I am not a Lead Mentor). Select it, choose “Adobe Creative Cloud Mentor” from the Contact Type dropdown, then add the Full Name and Email Address. This will send an email to the Creative Cloud Mentor, asking them to accept the terms. Once they accept, Adobe will receive a notification and will provision the license to that person’s email address.


Thank you!