Adopt an AndyMark Engineer

There are many reasons, from inclement weather to available resources, as to why a team may not have been able to complete their robot by Bag Day. This competition season, AndyMark is holding an Adopt an AndyMark Engineer contest, where your team may be selected to bring one of our Mechanical Engineers into your robot family for a competition weekend. Teams are encouraged to share the challenges they ran up against this season that lead them to bag an incomplete or less-than-functional robot, and we would like to come and work with at least one lucky team to get you up and competing at your event.

Who is this contest open to?
Based upon our Mechanical Engineering Team’s availability, this contest is open to teams in need competing during weeks 3, 5, and 6 of the 2018 FIRST Power Up Season.

How do I apply?
Send us an email including the following information:

  • Team Number and Location
  • Lead Mentor Contact Information
  • Week Competing, Event Name
  • Number of Technical Mentors on the team
  • Number of Students on the team
  • AndyMark products used on your robot
  • Up to 500 words on why your team wants or needs to adopt our Mechanical Engineer for your event
  • A picture of the robot prior to Bag Day, as well as a picture of each subsystem (if available)

This is:

  • An opportunity to have an AndyMark Engineer be a part of your team for the weekend, in the pits working on your robot with you
  • An opportunity to learn from an industry designer
  • An avenue to get to know the AndyMark Mechanical Engineers who design our products. Make our Engineer a true part of your team for the weekend!
  • A fun and educational experience!

This is NOT:

  • Adopt Andy Baker for a weekend - Sorry!
  • A free chaperone for the weekend
  • A guarantee to make your robot win the competition - We will do our best to work with you such that your robot operates to the best of its ability
  • Intended for teams who primarily require Electrical, Controls, or Programming assistance - We’re sending our Mechanical Engineers, who have varied and possibly limited experience in these other areas.

Good luck, teams!

Ohhh… do we get to pick which engineer?! I can think of a few I wouldn’t mind, uh… borrowing

You can definitely request a particular engineer in your submission, but no promises that they’re the engineer you get!

The Ruckus Planning Committee wants their Liz Smith back (and we’ll take Nick too)…

Do they come with 30 lb of withholding parts? Cots parts? :smiley:

Can we bring Mark Koors out of retirement instead?

Can I have Jon K on my “team”? Some of our FiM events need another referee.

As a team that competes weeks 2 and 4, picking the same weekends as 3940 competes is really hampering our ability to enter this contest. :frowning:

The full scope of what is needed will be determined on a case by case basis for the team, or teams, selected by our Mechanical Engineering group and contest organizers. And as noted above, we’re limiting this to just our Mechanical Engineers for this season (but if you want to try and cut a deal with Liz, Jon, and Mark, I won’t be the one to stop you!)

Can we just get Jerry Budd to tell us to turn our robot on all weekend?

I think we can find room on the robot for a GEM or two this year…

Marshall, unfortunately we obsoleted the GEM this year in favor of the CIM Sport. However, you can still buy replacement shafts for your 2015 robot for a bit longer, but once they are gone, they are gone!

No worries, we’ve got lots of other interesting things that AM engineers can work on. And we’ll give you some awesome striped pants to wear.

The Average Joes would like to adopt Nick Lawrence, either for the St. Joseph District (Week 2) or the West Michigan District (Week 4).

AndyMark products used on robot:

One EVO Redline Shifter Gearbox
Two EVO Redline Slim Gearboxes
Two 57 Sport Gearboxes
One CIM Sport Gearbox
Four Dura Omniwheels
One 1.1 Pump
Lots of little parts
Fourteen Redline motors

We are underweight by about 0.3 lb.

We need Nick to bring a large Andymark sticker to put on our robot. After that, he can have all the Mountain Dew and corndogs he wants. Then he can help rookie teams. :slight_smile:

I think the phrase I want to quote here “CAD or it didn’t happen.” 14 motors?

Eight in the drivetrain, four on the elevator, two for the intake.

Oh, and there’s a MiniCIM in there somewhere. So fifteen motors. Leaves one PDP circuit for LEDs. :slight_smile:

Reveal photos are coming, but I can’t say when.

Marshall, make the bad man stop…

<Nervous twitch/>

I feel like AM engineers say that to Andy about us…

Perhaps a Waffle too…? Heehehehe.

I hear the “bribe” has to be a LOT bigger than Mountain Dew and corndogs to get Week 2 and Week 4 support.

Something along the lines of “sneaking into” their district events with a container of purple paint and heading for the 3940 air tanks, maybe? :p;):rolleyes: