AD's 2020 Strategy Board


I’ve designed a strategy board for the 2020 FRC game Infinite Recharge. I’ve been experimenting with how to display the shield generator, with or without the horizontal trusses and switch supports. As always the board is based on the field CAD so it should be to scale.

Let me know if you want any changes (such as a different size, colors, etc.) I am willing to customize the board to fit your team’s needs.

Without the horizontal trusses of the Shield Generator

Tabloid/Ledger paper size (17" x 11"):

Letter paper size (11" x 8.5"):

With the horizontal trusses of the Shield Generator

Tabloid/Ledger paper size (17" x 11"):

Letter paper size (11" x 8.5"):

I am willing to add your team’s logo and other customizations, just reply to this thread with your team’s logo and the paper size you want.

(Folder with potential updates and other goodies)



Here’s our first interaction, I love the addition of the switch

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Those strategy boards look incredible! Could our team request a customized version? We would like a letter paper sized strategy board (without the horizontal trusses of the Shield Generator) with the ‘Pigmice’ logo if it isn’t an inconvenience. Thanks in advance!pigmice_logo

Just wondering, how specifically does this work? Do we make our ordering request and it comes in fully built? Or are we just ordering sheets, and how customizable is the layout? We could really use some strategy boards and these look flawless!

Last year OP made the same offer to teams adding their logo. We took him/her up on their offer. We laser cut some acrylic out then we sandwiched AD’s sheet (that we printed off) between them to use as a white board.

This year we decided to try and make our own not knowing that AD was making another one for this year.

What did you do for the one this year in the picture?

We laser cut Acrylic for the top and wood for the bottom used .25" holes that we put 1/4-20 bolts through to keep them together.

How much did it cost to do all of that?

We did it in house. We have a 40 Watt epilog Laser.

The wood we used

The Acrylic

Like $20 Max, but you could use scarp Lexan around the shop. doesn’t have to be laser cut Acrylic.

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well the laser cutter is like $20,000+

Well that’s a fair point. I did not order the laser cutter as it was here prior to my teaching career. I will say two pieces of 18" x 12" hand cut lexan will do the same for about $30 with no laser.

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That sounds way more do-able! Thank you! these markers help for one handed operation

@ForeShadow00 is correct, I just create the design for the strategy board itself. You can request me to change the design/layout, add logos, etc. And based on your request I’ll see what I can do.

Regarding the physical board itself, my team prints it on a piece of card stock and laminates it with 10mil laminate at a local Office Depot. The laminate is not perfect for use with whiteboard markers, as sometimes it is a little difficult to wipe off, but it gets the job done.

We usually attach a piece of plexiglass to the sheet to add some support if we are using the tabloid version. (You can kind of make it out in the photo below)

@ForeShadow00, I really like what you team made to hold the strategy board design (the handle is a nice touch :grinning:). Acrylic/polycarbonate works a lot better with whiteboard markers than just laminated paper.


Hey @VictorH, I made your letter size board with your logo here:

I happened to have another version of you logo that you may like, so you get two boards.

Let me know if these are what you are looking for.

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Our team is putting a cover that you can flip open on our strategy board. Can’t risk someone stealing our strats.

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:tada: They look great! Thanks for customizing the boards - they’re exactly what we were hoping for. We look forward to using them during our competitions!


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