Adult volunteer seeks share STL CMP room Wed-Sat

Please PM with details.
$250 (via Steele) a night way exceeds my retiree budget

need to share, else opt out

Non smoker, non smoked in room preferred.

Tue - Sat can work. I’m coming from LAX… Dale 15th year FIRST volunteer

all I really need is a cot/bean bag at the Y!! or the volunteer room!!
guess those days are gone!

Don’t know if dates available but there are hostels in St. Louis.

Thanks for info … Here’s some info for others likewise looking:

First link: YMCA no longer provides hostel 1 314 436-1177

There is a YWCA but being male I didn’t call… 1 314 531-1115

Second link: internet site phone listed never answers… 1 (314) 241-0076
rings a few times them busy tone

I’ve reserved a room thru Steele 2 blocks to Dome but can’t afford it alone.

two queens & two pullouts & couch… anyone interested PM me