Advanced CISCO Certification Training

We all know that the demand for internet and networking professionals are rising day by day. There are not enough professionals who are qualified and experienced to do the jobs. Companies are recruiting mainly depending upon prior work experience of the candidates or based on the quality of certifications they possess. This is where CISCO Certification Training is gaining importance. CISCO offers a vast number of certifications and to obtain them, training from a reputed institute is necessary. CISCO is continuously updating the exams to ensure that the certifications are upgraded and stay close to the needs of the IT sector.

CISCO certification training in a good institute will keep you updated with all these changes. For example in the recent time the syllabus for BCMSN exam has been revised with the introduction of security, wireless access and voice. Similarly they are planning to remove BCRAN and CIT from its list of certifications. The reason for all these changes is that CISCO wants its certificate holders to be the best in all aspects of networking as they need to meet the top clients in the world. Another important reason is the network attacks that have been happening all over the world. With the introduction of new technologies, the certified professionals will be able to handle system attacks including VLAN hoping and spoofing.

In addition to this IP phone configuration, voice VLANS and QOS etc. are also added to CISCO certification training. This makes the certification procedure more complicated as the candidates are challenged with more real world problems.


Do they give you virtual labs for practicing?