AdvantageScope and WPI logs

We have been having a great time using WPI data logging and AdvantageScope this year. Thanks to the creators of both.
Our driver has also been recording GoPro video on the robot and he set out put overlay the JS display from AdvantageScope onto those videos. In doing so we noticed that the JS display of POV data didn’t make sense. I dug into the code and found a one-word mistake that caused data about the joystick axes to drive the POV display – only in the case of using WPI data logs, not when using AdvantageKit logs.
I filed a bug report. Meanwhile don’t be surprised by what the joysticks are showing you.

Thanks for reporting that. I’ll get it fixed and make a new release soon.

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Thanks, Jonah. Great work on AdvantageScope!

We are seeing another problem in visualizations of Joysticks but I believe it is a bug WPILib driverstation data logging. I’ve filed a bug report about that. Joystick transitions are missed in DataLogManager log files · Issue #5239 · wpilibsuite/allwpilib · GitHub

The problem is only in Java.

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