Advertise on our site!

One clarification though: only first teams!

The banner size is: 468x60
Please provide me with a link to your team website, a banner of that size and any extra information (wont show up on site, but just to have) about your team!

Before I post my banner, can I see the site it would be going on? I’d rather not be affiliated with low quality websites.

its the g-house pirates one.
and its a work in progress. i can only imagine you getting good traffic via your banner on my site but if you see my site as low quality, then okay.

I hope that you didn’t take that the wrong way, I apologize if you did.

If I do post our banner, where will it be?

depending on where i decide to put it, it will either be on the top or on the bottom of the page. thats why i prefer larger banners, so that they can be seen when people scroll, rather than just looked past

2 questions:

  1. Where can I send in my banner if I decide to?
  2. I started my own team at home so my team site is also my personal website. Can I still have an ad banner?

according to the FIRSt manual, you are only supposed to have a team website solely for the purpose of being a FIRST site. If you are interested in winning any of the awards, you might wanna decide whether its gonna be yours, or the teams. only one though. but sure, I’ll add your banner. I will notify you when i get enough banners on the site

(if i only activate the banners with yours being the only one, all people will see is yours. im sure thats good, but i’d rather wait)

One question still remaining in my mind, where on your site are the banners going to be?