Advice for a team headed to champs for the first time in a while?

Hello all! I am the student team lead of a veteran team heading to champs for the first time in 5 years. We have spent a big chunk of our remaining funds to pay for our District Championship event. I know that the registration fee for Detroit is $5000 but I was wondering if anyone has any insight into how much it costs (total) you to go to champs in years past. For context, we are a small team. I’m anticipating 12-15 students and 5-6 mentors to be in attendance if we are able to pull this together.

Thank you in advance!

We set our fundraising goal for our trip to Champs at 30k. Approx 25 students, 4 mentors.

Your costs may vary.

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We are traveling with ~50 people and it will run around $30k when all said and done.

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Traveling to Detroit with roughly 35 people, our total fundraising goal was 20k.

We have about 15 kids going. WITH registration, it comes out to be about $17k ($800/kid+$5,000)

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While the numbers above are very common, you can certainly make the trip cost significantly less by cutting costs. With only 25ish people attending rent some large vans if you are able and “carpool” to the event. Stay at a hotel far away from the venue that has free breakfast and allows outside food, and organize your parents/mentors to bring food for meals as much as possible.

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we may have the opportunity to share a bus with a local team which should bring down that cost, but idk how we’re going to swing transportation to and from the event

Even half of a bus is probably going to cost a little under $5,000. If you have that money, awesome, it’s a good way to go. And if you are sharing that bus it should be able to drive you to and from the event each day. If any small groups need transport outside of that, Uber might be an option.
A couple of years ago the bus we chartered backed out the day before left. Our backup plan was to rent a bunch of 12 passenger vans and driver everyone. It would have alleviated the need for transportation to and from the event. Looks like you are only around a 10 hour drive from Detroit as well, much more manageable than our 20 hour drive :frowning:

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