Advice for Incompetent junior here


I’m pretty sure your typos are not what is upsetting people. It’s sadly funny that that’s what you thought though.


Trust me with that one particular guy that one particular typo was the reason for the comment also why I added that it won’t change his opinion of me


These are the times where I miss negative rep

To the OP: how you feel is completely understandable after working for so long without the proper cool-down time. I agree with (most) everyone in this thread saying your best bet might be to take a day or two off to rest and recoup.

FRC is designed to be a fun learning experience for you, the student. If you’re not having fun, no one is forcing you to stick with it. When it comes down to it, you need to do what’s best for you. My freshman year I quit another extracurricular activity mid-season and joined my school’s FRC team because I thought it would be more fun for me. The other team wasn’t so happy, but at the end of the day it was the right decision for me. If you’re feeling that FRC isn’t the right fit for you because of the pressure, there’s nothing wrong with stepping away for a bit and then deciding if you want to try it again or try something else.


We have met every day for the past 7 days straight. If a student told me they were burnt out and needed a break that wouldn’t be a problem. I’d rather my students take a 1 day break and show up sharp and focused the next day then have them burn themselves out to where they are unproductive. Mistakes are made that way. Unproductive students can cause others to be unproductive.



If you think I was pointing out your typo as why I find your posts to be terrible, you have little self awareness.


Burnouts happen. It’s okay. Take a minute, or a day, or a week if you need it, to step back and evaluate where you’ve been, and where you think you’re planning on going. See if they still line up or whether your train of thought has jumped tracks. It happens.

When I started on my team, I did (drum roll) media and graphic design. Bought a DSLR, taught myself the Adobe Suite, and happily did that for a year. Sophomore year, our Electrical Captain dragged me into the fray and I helped wire the robot that year, and such began my career doing mechanical things for the robot. Pivots happen; I’ve seen kids get drawn into the cool ball shooting robot but fall in love with grant writing.

The beauty of FIRST is that there’s room for anyone to do anything.

Also, fwiw, if you’re in the area, the Polar Vortex has certainly made this season slightly more stressful than any of my previous 10 seasons because we have yet to have a full week of build. So there may be external factors to your feelings besides the disjoint between you and your projects.

I’m rambling at this point, but,

There’s a spot for everyone to try everything on a FIRST team, and of you’re feeling pinned, switch it up a bit or even just step back and take a breather. The only thing that’s not okay is to shut down completely; talk to a trusted mentor or friend. They’ll be there for you and support you whatever you choose.


you know, if you don’t think about it at all, it almost makes sense. having developing teenage minds stepping back from this mentally and psychologically taxing endeavor of the FRC pressure cooker just shows weakness. perspective should just be limited to how many wins you got send post

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again, it’s why i said it won’t change your opinion of me, i know its not thy typo but this particular post (actually had a typo) clearly you find my post to be terrible because i prefer to be honest and open about how things work instead of fluffy it up and telling the kids to have at it.


success is a derivative of wins, wins is a derivative of effort, skill, and consistency. Thats straight forward.


Is success a derivative of wins? Do only 8 teams succeed every year? A lot of teams are successful without getting a lot of wins.

EDIT: @PayneTrain just wanted to point out that (based on who liked your post) your sarcasm was not clear enough.


in my personal opinion only 3 should succeed but under the context of your message yes 8 succeed. But please i didn’t intend to drive this chat off topic i was only stating my opinion on the OP matter which we should all be allowed to do. Obviously there is some disagreement which is also fine. but if you wanna talk about my belief in success please DM me or start another post i’ll gladly reply. otherwise lets stop derailing the subject, by beating a dead horse.
@pkrishna3082 i fully got the sarcasm i liked it as reply to the sarcasm to agree with the “How many wins ya got from a post along time ago.”


I’m disappointed but not surprised. @questioning there is a lot of great advice in this thread, mostly the ones posted by people who are not @who716 … I hope you find a solution that works for you and are happier and healthier as a result.


This is so true. @questioning, this may mean you have high standards and can always see ways that things could be better. There is nothing wrong with that. That feeling of dissatisfaction with the status quo is what has driven civilization forward. Without it, we would still be living in caves and grass huts.

While only three or four teams leave a competition as the “winners”, there is the saying that “all those who do the work have won”. I don’t doubt that through all this “failing” you have pushed outward the boundaries of what you are capable of and that you are now an even bettter person than when you started.

As others have stated, you may be suffering from burnout. What has worked for me and other participants I know well is to pull back and refresh. We found that we did better work and enjoyed it a lot more that way.

Lastly, is it possible that you are suffering from depression? Do you feel this way about other areas of your life? Have you spoken about how you feel with someone you can trust such as your parents, your teachers or even one of your team mentors?


Fun fact, the entire point of FRC and FIRST as a whole is that there are not only 3 or 8 successful teams. If you don’t understand that you should not be mentoring or associating with this program. Failure is always an option. Understanding why something fails is more important than winning even a single match in four years


You can be honest without beating someone down. Your original post, if I was the OP, would have felt like a beat down.

I believe we call that “brutally honest”, and it’s often better to tag it as such so people that don’t like getting shredded have some warning that maybe they don’t want to read it.


Your comments make me very concerned for the students on 716. I hope they aren’t just told to suck it up if they are feeling down and out.

Yes, I looked at your profile that says “my views are my own and don’t reflect my team”. But let’s be honest, how many people have actually clicked and seen that? Most people are just looking at your username.

So I’d consider that everything you post is inherently a reflection of you and the entities you affiliate with. Are these really the type of comments you are going to look back on and be proud of?

To the OP: Listen to the other commenters above… their advice is golden. I’m not sure how much of this is induced by peer pressure or even pressure from mentors, but please find an adult you trust and talk it out with them. They’ll know you best, and they’ll likely know how to help you through this.


I miss being able to give negative reputation.


Find some inspiration, remember why you got into FIRST in the first place. Also, no one can expect you to be perfect, so stay loose and keep in mind that while we build robots, we are only humans and do make mistakes. I just joined FIRST this year (I’m a sophomore), and can’t get enough of it myself. Have fun. If you’re not, take a little break.


Hmm this might be a controversial statement, I don’t think the pressure you are applying to yourself is bad at all, it’s how personally and emotionally involved you are getting. It is okay to fail, it’s okay to be wrong and you should be supported through these times. If you are part of a culture that shames when mistakes are made that’s also not your fault. If you were perfect at robotics I would advise you to move on but since you obviously are not cause you admitted to making mistakes stay a while get messy. I’d still welcome you to the team I’m on but I would warn you that as awesome as FRC is if it’s not the right direction for you then that is totally okay too.


Did someone teach you how to take a sentence and run with it and minimal commas?