Advice needed for drive system!

Due to lack of tools we are using the kitbot frame. Is it worth it to use the four cim motors seperately and purchase two more gear boxes? Let me know what you think!

Why don’t you use the 2 into 1 adapter from Banebots?

yes. either two more planetaries, or two dual motor conversion/adapter kits, or two AndyMark single speed dual motor gearboxes. but yes, if you aren’t using the other two CIMs for something else, and you have the weight to do it, use them int he drive.

Alright, personally no matter which brand you use, I highly suggest you do two gear boxes. One on each side, with two small cims into each. It’s a very high powered drive system. Last year we used the andymark single gear gearbox with the two small cims going into each and it was glorious. Depending on what funding would allow I would go with the ability to shift, so you have the power to not be pushed around when your putting tubes on, as well as the speed to get around when you need to. Also i don’t know what you are thinking about for wheels, but 4 wheel drive with treaded wheels would be nice, or 6wheel drive with possibly two being omni for turreting, unless you can make your chassis pivot on the center wheels.

All in all, go with two gear boxes total, would be my suggestion, the andymark ones we had last year worked great, and I highly suggest them, the KOP one I assume is probably well done as well.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Jason has it right, go for two gear boxes with the small cims. This year we are using a big and a small on each but the concept is the same. We never have any problems when we use this set up except when we go so fast in high that our chains keep breaking…

If you have the resources and are set on using four CIM motors on your drive, I recommend that you purchase two of the adapters available for the 56mm BaneBots transmissions rather than two additional planetary gearsets.

Not only are the adapters considerably cheaper than the entire gearbox, but the adapter and gearbox together are lighter than two gearboxes by nearly two pounds (per side!). This weight savings will come in handy later.

Should you use 4WD, driving your wheels together from a single gearbox allows you to better distribute the available power as needed in situations where one or more wheels may have less contact with the floor than others.

If you’re planning on using 2WD alone, I’d instead consider using a single CIM motor per side and concentrate your on-field strategy toward avoiding confrontation. Despite what many will tell you, it’s possible. Unfortunately, 2WD arrangements often perform poorly in pushing matches, so your resources are probably better spent on other functions instead of trying to overcome the intrinsic shortcomings of the design with respect to certain functions.