advice on starting a team..

Posted by bill whitley at 04/09/2001 7:25 PM EST

Student on team #70, Auto City Bandits, from Powers Catholic High School and Kettering University.

Now that this season has ended, its time to begin thinking about next years season :). As I go off to college, I am presented with challenge of starting a team. I am going to the University of Michigan next year. I have talked with another student who will be a freshman there who is also interested in starting a team, and have heard that there is a teacher, somewhere in Ann Arbor, who is interested in starting a team. I am in the process of getting ahold of them. I am looking for advice on where I should go next. Where should I look for sponsers first? Who at the University, or a company, should I approach? When do I need to register a team? When do I need to register for regionals, nationals? How can I convince students to join the team? I have so many questions. I would LOVE any advice you guys out there can give me as you are the best resource anybody can have. My screen name (AIM) is superbill621. Feel free to IM me, or reply. I would be more than willing to meet with anyone in the area, Clarkston, Pontiac, Flint, etc.

Thanks for the help.

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Posted by William Swanson at 04/09/2001 9:24 PM EST

Coach on team #353, POBOTS, from Mattlin Middle School.

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Posted by bill whitley on 04/09/2001 7:25 PM EST:

If it were me, I would get all the photos and publicity info you can. See if your teammates took videos and try to get a copy. Find that faculty member and talk with him about starting a team. If the school has an engineering department talk with them. See how many students are interested and then go to the Dean to try and win his support.
Another way would be to join a high school team as a mentor. Find a team in the universities location and ask if you can help them. If it were my team, I would definitely find a place for an experienced person.
Good luck to you. If you need photos, see the post I had on photos of Nats. There are three albums of about 250 photos of our team at the nats. If you would like to contact me you can at my e-mail address listed in profile.