ADXRS150 Gyro Yaw Sensor sensitivity?


I am trying to use ADXRS150 sensor but I am not sure the sensitivity of the sensor. How many volts does it go up(or down) with one degree rotated? Is this on the spec sheet? (I can’t find this…)

Thank you

Spec sheet says: 12.5 mV/deg/sec

Remember it is a yaw RATE gyro which means voltage changes from 2.5 V nominal proportional to how fast the turn is as opposed to how far it turns.

This means that in order to test the signal by yourself you have to spin the sensor and read it at the same time. When it operates properly,if you spin it in one direction (your choice), the voltage either climb to nearly 4.375 volts or fall to nearly 0.625 volts. When you spin the gyro in the opposite direction (your choice), the voltage climb/fall will be opposite before. This is a very simple test to make sure your sensor is operational. When stationary, the gryo will read about 2. 5 (+/- 0.1 volts).
Hope this helps.:] - Voltage correction added after comment by Alan Anderson - 02-08-08 MBC

The sensitivity is 12.5 millivolts per degree/second. The maximum rate is 150 degrees/second. That means the maximum deviation from neutral is 1875 millivolts, yielding an output that ranges from .625 volts to 4.375 volts. It’s nit-picking, I know, but I wouldn’t call that “nearly 0.0” or “nearly 5.0” volts.

If I am reading the rules correctly, you cannot use the ADXRS150 from the 2007 KOP. Is this correct?

Thanks Alan for catching my “goof”. It would have been more accurate for me to say something like “rising in the direction towards 5V” or “falling in the direction towards 0V” rather than assigning an absolute value.:slight_smile: I will update my original post with your values of 0.625 volts and 4.375 volts.