ADXRS150 turn rate controller help required...

Hi all,

I am working to make a angular turn rate controller for Radio Controlled aircraft. The main requirnment for this task is that rc aircraft should not go into unsafe bank which is actually when an aircraft turns too quick i.e. it complete 360 degrees in less than 2 min. the 2 minute turn is safe but less then this will cause aircraft to be in unsafe bank.

For this i am using ADXRS150EB the gyro from But unfortunately I am not able to figure out the correct priciple of a turn rate control therefore i couldnt write the correct code for this. So is there some one who can help me regading using ADXRS150EB for making a turn rate control for an RC aircraft.


The ADXRS150EB has a sensitivity of 12.5mV/°/s and reads the turning rate of itself, so to ensure that the aircraft does not turn too fast, you should just need to read the value of the gyro and then compare it to a limit on speed. For example, if you wanted to make sure to never turn faster than 20°/s, you would just read the value of the gyro and make sure it is not more than 250mV over or under 2.5V (which is typically the voltage when stationary of the gyro, you might want to test it and find out what yours is though).

A model RC / Hobby plane would have no trouble turning 360° in 2 minutes - it would have no trouble doing a 360 in 10 seconds (Ive been flying RC planes for 30 years)

but an auton RC plane with a heavy payload would have to turn slowly to avoid stalling its wings.

BTW, no offense intended but I’m a little leery assisting someone in Pakistan to design a control system for an autonomous RC aircraft. I don’t know how many RC hobbyists there are in Pakistan, but I do know of other people in that part of the world who are very interested in autonomous aircraft!

EDIT: Im already taking a lot of (red) flack for my post in this thread - Its my opinion that we should not help anonymous first time posters who live on the boarder of a war zone to design autonomous aircraft.

Sorry if I come across as a jerk, but in this case I prefer to err on the side of common sense!

I think this comment plays into many stereo types that I think are largely undeserved.

Also, even if the concern was valid, this seems to me to be a pretty pathetic attempt to gather info.

Using Pakistan in his/her profile (I apologize for now knowing if Dani is a masculine or feminine name) is sort of a silly thing to do if one is trying to get access to sensitive data.

Beyond this, there are full blown, very well developed open source projects on inertial guidance (including How To’s and Source Code!) available to anyone in the world with access to Google.

Even more, if you have access to Tower Hobby or 1000 other hobbyist websites, there are off the shelve solutions to autonomously fly RC airplanes.

There are a lot of things to fear in this world and a lot of people that might be good to question under the influence of Veritaserum But I doubt that Dani belongs on either list.

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Well that was uhh…rude.

As far as turn rate goes, if you can use a more sensitive gyro with a slower maximum turn rate, that will also help. Or perhaps (I’m not an EE here (yet ;)) so bear with me) using an opamp to amplify the signal and make it a little cleaner?

It’s a pretty sad day when anyone thinks they can pass racism off as common sense, Ken. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Dani, I believe Donut answered your question.