Adymark Selling Unofficial INFINITE RECHARGE Power Cell

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Anyone else notices that AndyMark is selling “Unofficial INFINITE RECHARGE Power Cell 2020 FRC Game Piece - Not FIRST Branded” instead of the usual FIRST branded ones. I know AndyMark had been out of Power Cells for a while, but since I been a part of FIRST, I have never seen AndyMark sell Unofficial game pieces.

In the product description, they say, “Product sold prior to January 30, 2020 is the official regulation game piece, and can be used in an official competition setting. Product sold on January 30, 2020 or later is functionally identical to the official regulation game piece, save for the logo printed on the surface. The size, shape, material, and compression properties are within the same tolerances. They are suitable for use in personal practice and testing, as well as in off-season events.”

I just found this interesting and wanted to see what you guys think. Also, how come AndyMark is the only company selling game pieces this year?

Just speculating, but maybe they had run out of the FIRST branded ones and to get balls out to teams faster, they went with the balls right from the supplier.

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Most important note. These are not the random color balls from amazon.
Also, I’m sure FIRST ordered tens of thousands of power cells, and AndyMark just got the overrun production.


AndyMark usually is the exclusive distributor of official game pieces. 2018 and 2019 were exceptions, and i’m not sure why they haven’t done it since.

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Originally ordered balls from the Flaghouse directly, as per the FIRST manual. description of the game balls. The company called me back and said the skin on the FIRST balls was different.- even though both say “dino skin”.

We have Flaghouse branded balls and the skin is the same as on the KOP ball.

I saw those today, however they are not the official FIRST branded game pieces. Last year for example VEX Robotics sold official hatch panels as well as AndyMark.

Four letters. F U E L

Anyway, I ordered a HATCH PANEL and a CARGO last year from AndyMark. The CARGO was branded, the HP was a piece of polycarb cut to size. I’m pretty sure this is what the web site was advertising, because I don’t recall being disappointed.

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