Aerial Assist Discussion Thread

So, whatcha think?!?

No end game. Interesting.

What’s the manual password?

So far, I give it a 6/10. It’ll probably drop when I read the manual, then rise when I actually see the game


I love this game to the end of the Earth!

Teamwork FTW! :smiley:

I like it.

Password: 3Zones2Goals1Alliance!

Interesting that there is no end game. Seems like a quick straight forward sport game.

Yeah I was also surprised that there’s no cooperative task to finish with. Go figure.

Where do we get more of the game balls?

I don’t really know what to think… Right now I’m not really liking this game, but that’s my opinion, I feel its like a 5/10 right now… Interesting idea, just seems kinda bland. Once again, just my opinion.

Its interesting how cumulative assist points are the 2nd sort (after qualification score) making it really critical for seeding high. Section 5.3.4 has the sorting information.

Ok - since the stream completely sucked for UStream, does anyone know when the YouTube videos will be up?

Looks pretty awesome. I was hoping for max capacity but large game objects are cool too :).

Wait so what is the max amount of points you can score in a single run?

3 assists in the high goal is 40 points.

The game video is already uploaded:

The others should soon follow, but I think those will be on FIRST’s page.

Haven’t loaded the manual yet, but it sounds like 30 for 3 assists, 10 for throwing the ball over the truss, and 10 for a 10 pt goal for a total of 50. I think.

EDIT: there’s also a 10 point bonus for catching the ball from over the truss, for 60 possible points per cycle.

40 for a triple-assisted high goal + 10 for passing over truss + 10 for a partner catching it after the truss throw makes 60 max points, right?

I think 40 because if you get 3 assist it is 30points and then 10 for the high goal