Aerial Assist Discussion Thread

Yessssss you can plug in whatever laptop you want into the driver station(ie. outlet wise)

I would think the maximum is 60. 30 for the 3 assist, 10 for going over the truss, 10 more for a catch, and then 10 for scoring the goal. Am I wrong on this math?

Shortened Autonomous… Lengthened match… No end game… Interesting…

what is the password for the documents? I want to open those too.

Most likely Andy Mark like most years.

does anyone know if they are creating a Simulation Game this year the past 2 years they have worked with Diamond Bullet Studios to create the Simulation

But then cant you get 10 for the hot goal 5 for passing it over

Once a ball is on the field, you don’t get another one until the the ball on the field is scored.

Wow, 5 points for just driving forward in autonomous. nice!

But what about scoring in the hot goal

Hot Goal is only in autonomous.

HOT goal is only for autonomous

So how long do you guys thinknit will take for a 3 assist run

Week 1.

A toss and catch will be very rare but I suspect it will be pulled off.

This game is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

So what did the hint have to do with the game?

The name and the art of the assist

Four team alliances at Championships. Choose any 3 of the 4 teams to be in your LINEUP for each match

Okay thanks


Pretty simple game. I love it!!! Catching seems extremely hard though, but if it can be done it will be amazing to watch!!