Aerial Assist game element

We’ve got a bunch of kids who have either not done an FRC kickoff/build season or who did it when they were freshmen and were just learning the ropes, so we are doing a “mock kickoff/build season” exercise the next few weeks. It’s mostly virtual because we don’t have a lot of stuff, yet (brand new team), but I was hoping to get ahold of an actual game element or reasonable simulation for some mechanism prototyping work. I remember that this one had a vinyl cover, probably to prevent easy popping damage, and these seem to be no longer available.

Does anyone know where we might find one of these? They were made by a company called Sportogo but don’t seem to be available. Otherwise I’ll just get a yoga ball for cheap and hope we don’t pop it. Thanks

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One of the wonders of doing your own “mock game” is that it is your own game. You can have “house rules” and as long as it’s consistent for everyone it’s what you build to. I don’t remember many if any balls popping at competition, though if the cover ripped it was taken out of play, maybe?

I don’t know how strong yoga balls are vs a robot, so find a local source where you can get more quickly if needed.

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I think what you’re looking for is a horse soccer ball cover.


The video of the horse playing with the ball is pure horse joy. I may have to purchase a horse, now, as well.

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