Aerial Assist Logo Vector

I noticed this year we don’t have a large copy of the game logo for us web/graphic designers to work with, so for the sake of not having to deal with the tiny logo we’re currently given, I’ve done my best to recreate the entire thing as a vector for anyone who needs it.

Here I’ve got the actual vector as a .ai file.

And here’s the logo as a really big .png, for those of us who don’t have Illustrator.

By all means, go nuts.

Can you possibly upload a .svg copy? Inkscape can get picky about reading .ai files. Thanks!
EDIT: Actually I just made one. For Inkscape users:
Note: In the preview on Google Drive, the balls have banding issues, but once you download it they will be smooth radial gradients.

Here you go, bro.

Here you go, bro.