Aerial Assist Rules Test

Hello CD Community,

Truck Town Thunder Robotics, FRC Team 68, has been beta testing a rules test all of build season using a Google Form. Go ahead and test your knowledge for fun. We will email out the results once a week.

Here is the link to the test:

I’d be inclined to try it if it didn’t require my true name and e-mail to take the quiz.

I mean, sure, you can see my name just by looking here, but who am I giving my e-mail to? And why? Seems off-putting to me.


I assure you that your personal information will not be given out. The name and email are required to give you your results. The data is shared with only our team leader and the student on our team that created it. It’s obviously not required of you to take it, but I’m just reassuring you that no information will be leaked/taken/sold.

Fair enough. Having been the victim of identity theft not once but twice, I’m a bit gun-shy about such things.

Our team used it to aid the decision of driver tryouts, as well as the rookie team we are mentoring (5114).

Feel free to enter a name that is not your own such as “Fred Flintstone”. In order to get your results, you will need to enter a valid email address.

I will email results tonight. Many people have taken it already.

One observation, the test is not easy. I will post a average score on CD.

Also, team members from 68 and 5114. I have cleared the results so feel free to take it again to be a part of the data.

Another note, it would be nice if you could please read both the directions below the test title and below each question. I try to make the answer key somewhat variable on the text response questions, but it won’t accept every possible format for the time and dimension questions. If you put in an answer that is not in an accepted form, I may change it to an equivalent answer so that it is properly scored, but I will not change the information you give in any way.

For example, if the correct answer to a question is five feet, five inches or one minute, thirty seconds, the directions ask you to respond with 5’ 5" or 1m 30s. Some close variants are accepted, but this is what happened if your results sheet shows something slightly different than what you entered.

We had an issue with this when our team took the test. Make sure you read how to answer or you’ll be getting some wrong answers!

After 25 submissions, we have our first report out. (I do realize that 30 would be a better sample set but the submissions have slowed down and I need to encourage more people to take the test)

Points Possible 74
Average Points 51
Counted Submissions 25
Number of Low Scoring Questions 22

The average score is approximately 68.92%.

My observation is that the FIRST Community needs to start studying the rules. Hopefully this will encourage more people to take the test in the future so we can get more data for the result. My hope is that we can get this average higher.

Great test, way more detailed than I anticipated. But, did you notice that the test changes answers after they are submitted? I got my results back and I know for a fact that I got the top of the bumper zone right at 10" from the floor, however the report said I put in 8". My bumper weight answer also changed from 20 to 15 lbs to create an incorrect result.


If a ROBOT is not allowed to preload a BALL (for any reason), its ALLIANCE may choose to start with its BALL in which of the following places?

Your Answer: Off the FIELD

Why is this incorrect? If a robot can’t preload, their ball is off the field. If they are a goalie or not on the field then their ball can be placed in the white zone on your scoring side of the truss.

Even with those, I feel pretty good about a 67 out of 74.

Well, the test had an overwhelming response. Currently, the Average score to the test is a 70%. There have been teams from all over the world who have participated in a chance to prove their knowledge of the game manual. Our team has learned a lot of valuable information on how tests are created and we look forward to doing this again in the future. Thank you all who have participated so far. We will continue to keep the test posted. We will release the answer key to everyone who participates later in the season. At this point, we would like to keep the key a secret in order to continue to collect data on how to improve the test in the future.

Please feel free to encourage more people to participate in the test and see how well they know the Game Manual this year.

Thanks for the feedback. I can assure you the test did not change your answers on its own, and I know that if there was a human error in the answer sheet it was an honest mistake. As I said before, we need to scan through answers to ensure they fit the grading template properly, so there is a remote possibility someone could have changed them accidentally. I apologize, and will see if I can correct it for future reports.

You must select only and all the correct answers in order to receive credit for the checkbox questions. “If a robot is not allowed to preload a ball” (the question’s wording) does not specify why that is the case or what the state of the robot is. The intent is to cover the case that the robot is not allowed to start with the ball given its current situation, not that it is incapable of a legal preload at all. Reviewing the rules now, I stand by the answer we have.

Thanks for the update. I think the test is a great, in depth test. I just had a tough time with the wording on that one question.

I also left my computer in between answers several times, so it is possible that my answers were goofed with on my end.

Thanks again!

After 62 people participating in the test, the current average score is a 69.39%. Thank you to all who have participated so far.:slight_smile:

“How many HUMAN PLAYERS from each ALLIANCE are stationed in their ALLIANCE STATION behind the DRIVERS and COACHES during a MATCH?”

0, 1, 2, or 3 are the options. Any could be correct, and it forces you to select one.

I’d like to see an alliance play a match with no human players in the alliance station.

Stupid people are stupid. :rolleyes: Realistically 1, 2, or 3 HP should be there. But alliances SHOULD only have 1.