Aerial Assist Strategy

I humbly stand corrected. :o

When you play with the big dogs sometimes you forget that they lose a match (or two) more than you realize. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about this a bit, and I think it will probably be best to have as many ball exchanges on the “starting” side of the Truss as possible. My reasoning is that a team playing defense will use the most obvious strategy possible to prevent scoring rather than the most optimal, and that is messing with the thing putting the ball in the goal. They will then sit on your “scoring” side of the Truss and interfere with you once the ball enters the zone. This would make a ball hand-off more problematic in that area of the field.

I’d have my last robot in the cycle enter the Red/Blue scoring zone only to shoot (with escort if needed), and then quickly withdraw, only hanging around if they need to play defense.

Good point. I can definitely see that happening in a match. Minimizing time in the scoring zone is a valid strategy. My approach was that the scorer could slow down the other alliance while waiting to receive the ball.

Overall I think the strategy for the game will develop more after regionals have been played (as usual). I do enjoy watching week 1 events and seeing teams develop strategies as the even progresses.

I feel that defense will be better played by keeping the ball from getting to the shooter because a good shooter with a sweet spot will be hard to defend, but keeping the ball from ever getting there would be much easier!

Are teams building robots to catch truss shots? Are they building robots that can accurately range to another robot to catch the ball?

We are trying, we plan on lining up on the x axis then just driving back and forth to catch it because we are extending. So sorry about my confusion earlier! I have no idea how I came up with that, I had thought there were 4 in an alliance:o

For the first time (against my better judgement at first), we have built a robot that does everything. The higher priorities are 100% effective & reliable, and the lower are >75% effective. The game will be too dynamic to have any single strategy.

General multi-assist formations:
“Flying V with a Moon Walk”
“Multi-bot Choo Choo”
“Stack / Cut / Strike”
“Honestly, why can’t you just roll it to me?”

There are even little things to help improve specific opportunities like
“shoot from the outer part of the field inward so it knocks an opponent’s balls off of their podium & potentially delays the start of their next cycle, or at least makes the HP play our game of dodgeball” (unverified since we don’t have an actual field setup to practice with)
“Get into a pushing match with the intent of pushing a robot towards its high goal”
“Block the in-bounder, not the ball”