Aerospace Valley Air Show Oct 13-16, 2022

The Aerospace Valley will be holding an Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base on October 14-16 and they have invited FIRST Robotics Teams to participate in robot demonstrations throughout the event. Edwards AFB Airshow 2022

Here is a description of the FREE event.
Up to 18 FRC Teams will be invited. [If you are a FTC or FLL Team, please indicate your interest in the form]
Robot Drop-off would be Thursday October 13th. No base access for equipment delivery after Thursday until Sunday October 16th clean-up. Three-on-Three Robot demonstrations on a 2022 full field with elements will be scheduled from 9 till 3PM each day. Hub will have active lights and ball recycler, but no real-time scoring or FMS. No tournament is at this time scheduled. Each Team participating will be given a 10x10 booth for communication and robot maintenance. Special parking will be available along with base access passes. Teams will have access to the complete air show, video will be provided in the hangar, so you will not miss out on the action. Outreach is expected to reach over 100,000 people during the 3-day event including opportunities to reach out to potential sponsors.

If your team is interested in participating or you have other questions, please fill out the form below:
Aerospace Valley Air Show Form

Thank you
Aerospace Valley Regional Planning Committee

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This sounds like a cool demo opportunity for teams in our California October robot marathon!

Are these official field elements or wood/team version? Not that it matters much for the demo, but just curious since Tidal Tumble is scheduled for the same week.

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Did I hear congestion?

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OOPS… great catch… would be pretty crowded… 3 vs 3 demos… Thanks.

We are working the official field elements.
Negotiations with CAFIRST are on-going.

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