I think it is pretty clear that the AFC is the better of the two conferences but Do you think that any NFC team would have made the playoffs if they were in the AFC.

In my opinion, no, the Bears are probably the best team in the NFC and they only went 2-2 against the AFC with their wins coming against the Jets and the Bills. And their losses from the Patriots and the Dolphins. I can’t see the Bears beating any of the AFC division winners (They lost to the pats, Indy’s pass defense would make Grossman look ridiculous, The Sandiego offense makes New England’s look bad, and the “powerful” Bears defense couldn’t stop them. And finally the Ravens may be the most well rounded team in the NFL)

WHat are your thoughts?

When the Bears lost Tommie Harris they fell back to the pack.
While it is true that none of the NFC teams are as strong as the AFC teams on paper let us not forget that the NBA champion came out of the “inferior” Eastern conference and the World Series champ came from the “weak” National league.
That’s why they play the games.

I’m an anti-Bears fan… so I’m going to completely agree. Now if only Tennessee had beaten the Pats, they would be in the playoffs and on their way to the super bowl. Unfortunate.

Vince Young had a nice run but he was exposed by good teams because he hasn’t really learned how to make full utilization of his arm yet (50% completion percentage will not do). He was not going to beat the Patriots and the Titans can’t stop the run so they would have been embarrassed down the road at some time.
They have a good foundation to build from and will be a team to be recond with for years to come if they keep going in the right direction.