After 6 weeks¡K as I leave GRT...

Posted by Ken Leung at 02/22/2001 12:59 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

Please excuse my long message, but I had to share my feelings about this.

"As you all know I don¡¦t go to this high school. I actually go to college. And tonight will be my last night here. I want to thank GRT for letting me work here and giving me such a great time. These 8 weeks have been the best time I¡¦ve ever spent in my live. For those of you who I¡¦ve work with, thank you for putting up with me and how annoying I am. I¡¦ve learn a lot from here, and you all have been really good friends to me. At the beginning I thought I can just come in and show off how to do this and that, but finally, I now have to face the fact that you all are better than me in everyway. It¡¦s been a pleasure. (You all make it really hard for me to imagine weekends without being in GRT)

Now¡K we still have around 14 hours before shipping. So¡K LET¡¦S FINISH THIS!¡¨

This is what I said to my team with my usual nervous speedy voice the night before shipping. I decided to attempt such a speech because it was really my last time spend time at GRT building a robot. You see, unlike other college students who either drive or go to school near their team, I have to spend 3 hours in public transportation to go back every weekend. But I never minded that. Ever since the end of last season I¡¦ve already decided that it will all be worth it¡K and it really did worth all my time.

As I was walking around the room and the shop that weekend looking at the students working with all their heart on the robot, I realized how important the whole experience have been to me personally¡K

At the beginning of high school, I was this little no-body from Hong Kong walking around campus with no one to talk to. It was a really bad time as I kept getting C¡¦s and D¡¦s in school. Then the best thing happened to me when I joined GRT. It gave me the magic in my hand and my mind to change the way things are. Suddenly I can actually speak and read English, there are people around me who I can talk to, and ply wood pieces are bandsaw-ed to the right shape. Second year was even better when I mastered the art of machining with mill and lathe, while I got to be friends with many team members.

But this year is the best year for me, as I learn about 10 times the previous two years combined. Ever since I¡¦ve been truly exposed to the FIRST community by Kick off and online communication in this forum, I find myself much strongly attached to GRT during production. This past 6 weeks is a completely new magic to me. Instead of changing myself, I am now changing the people around me. I am able to pass on my knowledge of engineering and machining by simply be around and talk to the students. By being an observer at the side, I am able to watch the effect of this competition on the students and how it changes life. I learn so much by being a teacher instead of a student.

Through out all these I am able to be really close to the students AND the adults, a thing I never would¡¦ve done by myself. I am extremely thankful to everyone for providing me this chance. So, that¡¦s why I decided to say thanks and good-bye to the team with my little speech. Although I panicked a lot when I was standing on the balanced bridge speaking to everyone, I believe I got through to the student enough that they actually understand how much I appreciate all these.

But there was one thing that they don¡¦t understand. They didn¡¦t understand that right before I gave that speech, the sadness of leaving the team was so strong that I almost shed tears in front of everyone¡K

Posted by Rich at 02/22/2001 10:58 AM EST

Engineer on team #334, BTHS Knights, from Brooklyn Tech. HS and Con Ed, SIAC Keyspan.

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Posted by Ken Leung on 02/22/2001 12:59 AM EST:

Thanks for sharing your feelings.

You have achieved what FIRST was
meant to do for the students and
mentors. You not only inspired
the students, you inspired yourself.

“The disciple is now the master.”
“Gung Hey Ney” (cantonese)

Richard Wong
Team 334

Posted by Ken Leung at 02/22/2001 7:37 PM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

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Posted by Rich on 02/22/2001 10:58 AM EST:

Thanks for responding.

I didn’t think anyone actually have the patient or care enough to finish reading my message… Mush less hoping for a respond.

Posted by Jeff at 02/22/2001 10:26 PM EST

Student on team #419, RAMBOTS, from Boston College High School and Don’t think we actually have a sponsor.

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Posted by Ken Leung on 02/22/2001 7:37 PM EST:

hey ken,

that was nice of you to share your experience that you have received from FIRST. FIRST needs more people like you.

I’m glad that I know someone else in FIRST that is also from HK. Azn Pride!! Oh Yeah!! :slight_smile: