After Endgame are tools allowed on the field?

We are working on a feature that might still be partially deployed after the power cuts off. It would be helpful and a benefit to return this feature to its storage position prior to removing the robot from the field. It would be safer for the team members moving the bot off the field.

Are tools allowed on the field after endgame?

Tools are used sometimes after endgame and green light , many teams build in tools on their bots to debark. The key is to not need powered tools, dangerous tools and not to cause any delay from what I have seen in the past IMO

R10 and C7 are the main rules here, and @anon31892661’s answer is good; be swift and don’t use power. The tools may not be left on the field (unless part of the robot) per G1b or in the alliance station during the match due to H1. Leaving them with the technician or on the robot cart seem best.

If possible though, in the interest of complying with C10 (get on and off the field quickly), try to find a toolless way. I recall in STEAMworks, 3946 found a way to simplify what was originally removing a shaft collar (requiring an allen key and 20 to 60 seconds) into a solution which involved opening some hook and loop fastener and pulling a part by hand in about three seconds.