After One Week

This sheet looks at TBA Insights from 17 events completed in Week 0.5 and Week 1.

734 teams competing, 1580 matches played, 1823 outer works breached, 5228 tower challenges, 338 scales, 103 captures.

Trends I see:

Low goal shooting increases both the number of cycles and the scoring effect of each cycle. Best example: Greater Toronto Regional Central teams shot significantly more low goals than high, and scored about 8 points per match more than at other events. They also had the highest rates of breach and capture.

Outliers, such as 33 at Waterford and 179 at Palmetto, ran fast, effective cycles shooting high goals from the batter. But for teams without a consistent high shot, low goal is the key to seeding.

All #1 seeds so far are capable of crossing the low bar.

Cycle efficiency (avg teleop boulder score / avg teleop defense score) is low now. Many teams are crossing without a boulder, probably because the time they need to acquire one is too long.

This is some great data; thank you for posting this.
One question though: how did you arrive at the auto average? An average Auto score of 30+ for almost every event seems extremely high to me.

I did not compute any of this data – only arranged it for comparison, using results from the Blue Alliance (linked).

All of the averages* are for the entire match; i.e, including BOTH alliances.

  • Except match score, winning score, and winning margin.

I suspect the Week 1 “both alliance average” scores will be roughly equal to Championships single alliance averages (though crossings will be lower and boulder/tower points will be higher). This makes sense to my intuition, and also obeys the trend that in every season from 2010 on, average match scores have at least doubled from Week 1 through the Championship (

Ok, that’s sorta what I was thinking. Thank you for the clarification.

Here is average breach rate by qualifying rank for all events from weeks 0.5 and 1.

Do you have the TBA insight data on average success for each defense?

And, for total numeric transparency, the calculations for these stats were added to TBA in this pull request on Friday