After School Team Fun?

What do other teams do for fun together after there meets?

After ours, we all head over to ESCAPE Gaming center, where we play lan games against each other, …or guitar hero.

I’m glad someone has started a thread on this. Our team bonding is one of the best parts of FIRST. We have a really good group this year, and have lots of fun. Our after-Robotics activites usually involve food. We ransack different buffets. Last Friday, we all worked til 10:00pm, and had a barbeque. Good times

CRUD on saturday nights!

We’ve organized a ‘game day’ after our build session this Saturday. We plan to go eat pizza and play pool, then go to one of our houses and play games like Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, and charades.

In the past we’ve also played paintball one weekend right after ship date. It has always been really fun, and it’s a great way to get out in the sun, run around, and expend some of that extra energy we tend to have after catching up on our sleep. We’re actually planning on inviting other teams to join us this year, which should make it particularly exciting.

The other activity we commonly organize is a barbeque over the summer at our coach’s house. It’s a fun way to see each other over the summer, just lay back, go swimming, and talk about things besides robotics.

Lazer Tag :cool: haha

Team 1902 has made a habit of going bowling every Monday night. Its dollar game night after 8:30pm. During the summer we bowled till after midnight most weeks but now that school has started only mentors go that late.

Apples to Apples is AMAZING!!! We play it all the time. The best matches I’ve ever come across:

Gorgeous-My Mother
Armed and Dangerous-My Father
Hot and Sweaty-Dalai Lama
Lewd and Lascivious-Pineapple
Crispy and Delicious-The Dixie Chicks

Yes, it is- but it really is a party game, you have to play it with a bunch of people.

Another good one like it, but more-openended: Things in a Box. Essentially, the “reader” pulls a card with a prompt on it, like “Things you shouldn’t say to your mother…” or “Things you shouldn’t say to break an awkward silence…”, etc., etc… All the players (except the reader) write down an answer and hand it to the reader. The reader reads them aloud, and then you go around the circle trying to guess who wrote what. Insanely amusing, mostly because of the really random answers that will pop up (and then sometimes stick around and be modified for the rest of the game). Highly recommended

Starcraft LANs ftw. And worms seems to be growing on some members of the team…

Oh god. After Detroit, we went back to someone’s house for pizza and stuff and had an EPIC game of catchphrase. We had to eventually stop because we were getting repeats of the words again (who would’ve expected that to happen, haha).

A team LAN party sounds awesome, I dunno why we’ve never done that… a lot of the people on our team play things like Guitar Hero, CS:S, CoD, Soldat, etc… it would probably be a ton of fun.

Depending on where our team is (at shop, at competition, during the summer) we done everything from barbecues to bowling to CRUD to shooting pool to just having fun. (Bowling exactly a 228 has long been a goal for me… :p)

Last summer a bunch of our members (as well as some from teams 230 and 237) had quite a fun time with Diet Coke and Mentos! :smiley:

I bowled a 177 last time I was out with friends, and made Kim from 177 happy about that one and she took a pic of my score… lol
I also want to go for a 237 in my bowling game as well. Kinda tough when I average 100-150 usually… but acheivable none-the-less. Eventually.

Diet Coke and Mentos ftw!!!
Next up this summer… some more surprises.
Carbide Cannon anyone? :smiley: I think I’m going to give Kevin a run for his money in the cannon construction department. hehehe.

We like to ride the tubes down the gigantic hill behind our school.

Now that the snow is mented, we ride robot carts. Pretty much everybody walks away for that “fun” bleeding.

When my team does team bonding, we usually have what we call DDR/Halo nights.

We hook up tons of Xboxes and TVs and play Halo, and have a TV and a PS2 set aside to play DDR.

It’s great fun. We become a closer team because of the time spent on the bus on the way to competitions as well.