After Shipping Capping Polls

I was wondering how many caps the average robot can cap.

In this poll vote on how many you think your team can cap in 2 minutes.

I’m gonna have to say zero, considering 1923 is a ramp on wheels.

[and, if I do say so myself, a pretty nice one]

Do you want to know how many tubes the drive team can score on the rack without interference, or do you want to know how many we think we can score during an actual match with six robots on the field?

Also… another thing to consider…

Scoring 8 in a row is a bit different in score compared to scoring 9 in 3 rows of 3. In this fashion, 9 is easier to score than the 8 in a row.

(not that team 45 would know anything about that… naaa)


100% correct and to add to that are robots playing defence while you are capping

We’ll know in about ten days.:wink:

we did a timed test and scored 6 but we didnt have 7 out but we had more than enough time to score 7 and we were not just taking the closest one and putting it on the nearest foot we were going all over the rack and field.

Our guys tell me they filled the top row right at 2 minutes (I wasn’t there, but hey, students wouldn’t exaggerate, would they?:rolleyes: ), so I figure they should be able to put up 4 ~ 6 with 5 other robots on the field.