Aftermath of Los Angeles regional

i was wondering if anybody had any videos or pictures of the event. our team was focused on fixing the robot that we were unable to take alot footage.

i only found this video of the los angeles regional with team spider 1622

I didn’t see much of Spyder, but I sure saw a lot of 687, who’s lead mentor figured that they were the most complex robot there.
696 posted links to some of their videos in the regional thread. - pictures (8 pages so far, waiting for more) - videos (none right now, but will have them)

True. Looks like someone had an awesome concept but forgot about KISS.

One of the dads from Team 1072 took pictures of all the teams on and off the field and if you send him your address, he’ll mail you a cd with them. 1070 might see them at the Silicon Valley Regional so if you want to give me an address he could mail it to, I can try and get it to him.

ooh the first video, watch as I drove and we capped the spider leg over 330 :yikes:

check for episode 3 covering the LA competition in the next day.

thanks guys i was looking for a pick like this.
you see our robot and beachbots right above the 256.
now that pic is golden.

That was a crazy moment. 580 was playing some pretty good defense. I looked at the spider leg - without a tube - then a few seconds later while getting pushed around, I looked again and it had a tube on it. Not our color. :]

The LA Regional was great. Thanks to 254 and 4 for an awesome alliance,

Spyder, thats our robot!

LA was amazing.

Chairmans to team 399. Woot.

Totally would have went further in the eliminations if Spyder hadn’t unfortunately tipped on the fourth match of our quarter finals… still crazy, and we did good. Can’t wait for our next regional…

Doubt it. We were up against heavy opposition that match, and even if we had placed that last ring we were after, we still would have lost.