again, problems with the camera

i didnt find in the forum a thread with the same problem:

our camera is searching the green light, and when the camera spot it, the camera stop following the green light, and when we turn the camera / the green light - the camera prints us the last values all the time on the terminal window or sometimnes it just types “searching…” but it is stucked.

when the camera spot the green light, the green and the red leds of the camera are on, and when we hiding the green light from the camera it get stucked.

need help…thanks.

Are you using the default camera code that kevin wrote?

yes, i use his default code.

You mean, it finds the light, but doesn’t follow. It finds it, stays in it’s position and only once the light is out of range it starts moving for searching mode untill it finds the light again? Kind of sounds like what happened to us before the TTL problem, but we might still have it. Will check next week.

i think i found the problem,
i saw that the PWM of the power slides out a bit while the camera is rotating because the camera is ratting a bit while searching the green light, and i try to shake this PWM by myself and i saw that the LEDs were turning off for half a second and then turns on again, so i just tightened the wires…
thanks anyway for trying to help me