Age breakdown of CD

There’s been some recent talk about age disparities in FRC. So let’s make a very scientific CD poll to measure the ages on this platform. If some young whippersnapper wants to post similar polls on reddit or discord for comparison be my guest. Please share the results here if you do.

Last option should be 71 or older, my b.

Could a mod (or Brandon?) just scrape this information? Get ages from user profiles, and only count those who have posted within some recent interval; e.g., the past twelve months.

This is all just a ploy to make me feel old isn’t it?


I’ll help provide some data for others.

Cory McBride is 38 and Derrick Smith is 41.


I’m young enough to get the kids’ memes, but old enough to be completely baffled by t-posing.

I’m also baffled by T-posing, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t join in on the T-pose dance on the third level of Ford Field :confused:

that’s a spotlight right there :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m just happy that there’s a non-zero amount of people under 15 on here. Way to get involved!

Twice as many responses <15 as >60. Woot!

Yes they memed to do that.

^^ This post wins the thread, shut er down boys.

Man, these youngsters don’t understand what FRC was back in my day.

These poll results are pretty surprising, thought CD’s demo was much older (i.e. mostly mentors).

I think posts are disproportionately made by mentors. If everyone got as many votes as they had posts in the past month, it would be a different story.

Marshall is 32 but thinks he’s 12.

I’d say CD has more lurkers that are around highschool age or recently graduated college alumni or mentors since it is focused around a highschool robotics competition, but the people who write posts and participate in discussion are more likely to be adult mentors.

I wouldn’t be surprised if students tend to lurk more for various reasons. Mentors and alumni also make up a lot of the big names here, so you see them more often.

I would tend to believe that there are quite a large number of lurking adults.

I know I was one of them for the first few years of our program…
It can be very daunting posting here. Many great mind with so much experience and impressive backgrounds, though a few have little patience and are quick to put you in your place with a snarky retort …

Not really a negative thing but many times GP is not included in the correction/slap down which creates hesitations to post…

Just saying…