Age breakdown of CD


Marshall is 32 but thinks he’s 12.


I’d say CD has more lurkers that are around highschool age or recently graduated college alumni or mentors since it is focused around a highschool robotics competition, but the people who write posts and participate in discussion are more likely to be adult mentors.


I wouldn’t be surprised if students tend to lurk more for various reasons. Mentors and alumni also make up a lot of the big names here, so you see them more often.


I would tend to believe that there are quite a large number of lurking adults.

I know I was one of them for the first few years of our program…
It can be very daunting posting here. Many great mind with so much experience and impressive backgrounds, though a few have little patience and are quick to put you in your place with a snarky retort …

Not really a negative thing but many times GP is not included in the correction/slap down which creates hesitations to post…

Just saying…


i don’t think we get t-posing either


This isn’t CD’s demo, it’s the demo of people who responded to the survey.


“These poll results are surprising”? Don’t you mean “The results of this poll are terrifying“?


I am old


I’m 29, but act like I’m either 10 years younger or 10 years older. Or both.

Does reminding freshmen (and older) that you’ve been in FRC longer than they’ve been alive mean that you’re old, ancient, or a fossil? shakes cane


I am 17 and dyslexic.


Anyone who has ever worked with motion capture is just as baffled. We’ve been T-posing for years, but now it’s a thing? :confused:


I am old as well, however still don’t understand how when I see an old person, that they are likely my age. And who is that old guy in the bathroom every morning when I shave?


I am 28 (base 23)


I’m 24 (25 come December), so I’m in that fun age where I dont get the appeal of Fortnite, I get and enjoy memes, and I flex on the freshmen in Magic the Gathering.


Did someone say magic?

I’m a 17 now, but was 16 last season (I was a sophomore last year, I’m really old for my class). However, I had a full beard and generally look way older than I am. It got to the point where I wore a sign on my back at SVR and Houston Champs that said something along the lines of “Hi! I’m a sophomore in high school! Ask for ID.”


The numbers in this poll are definitely showing there is a very large population on CD of 19 and 20 year olds that was skewing the numbers in my poll more towards an even mentor/student ratio. Much closer to a 70-30 split.


I just skewed the results.


OK, curious statistics:

I opened the 10 “most recent” polls. Sorting them by number of responses and noting whether they were anonymous with an *, I get:

  1. 308 *Who do you like the least?
  2. 280 *Memes? Good? Bad?
  3. 256 What is a sammich?
  4. 217 *Where were you before FIRST?
  5. 198 What do you wnt to see in the new, unnamed version of Pathfinder?
  6. 156 *Do you need to use personal time off for FIRST Robotics?
  7. 156 Can you see deleted posts?
  8. 96 *Which of these will never happen, or…
  9. 54 *What would you like to see [in SnobotSim] in 2019?
  10. 41 Which preference did you get?

This poll is anonymous, but already at 412. I leave it for each of you to judge whether the ballot box is being stuffed or if young people are more willing to reveal their age than their opinion in anonymous polls.


Students are the Dark Energy of CD. They are in and around us, always propelling things forward, but practically undetectable.


I pulled all CD users who have posted after 2018-01-01, of the 4625 users I found only 701 had age listed on their profile.](

Here’s the data if anyone wants it.