Agile Design For FIRST Robotics - Tom Bottiglieri and Greg Marra

Greg and I will be presenting at this week’s FIRST Robotics Conference in Atlanta. The fun starts on Thursday from 1:00 - 1:45 in room C203.

Agile Design for FIRST Robotics is all about working smart, building a cool robot, and having a ton of fun. This presentation puts very high value on the systems integration side of engineering, with a goal to keep liquidity in design processes. We will show you how to abstract the development of your robot into higher level concepts that will not only aid in building a more competitive robot, but also enrich the overall learning experience for your students.

This presentation is intended for mentors and students alike. We would love to run this with as much audience participation as possible, so feel to ask as many questions as you wish, or feel free to drop me a PM if you have any interesting topics you’d like to see included.

So if you are interested in the “Big Picture” of robot design and development management, feel free to drop by. We don’t bite, we promise.

And oh yeah… While you are down there don’t miss Effective FIRST Strategies, The Engineering Design Process, and Technical Entrepreneurship. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

Im going to this one…

whats this fun you speak of?