Ah progrmming is hard

progrmming is muy dificil :ahh:

Did you have a particular problem you need help with or were you just making a general comment?

Programming isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. It has a steep learning curve like math. One day your trying to figure out 1+1, then the next day they throw x and y at you. Once you understand what x and y represent and learn to think in terms of functions, it’s as easy as pi.

thanks i appreciate it

Problem with microprocessors is: they do exactly what you tell them to do

instead of what you want them to do!

You’ll spend most of your time trying to figure out exactly WHAT you told it to do!

One muy no-no…Keep your robot battery charged when working with code. You’ll have an emotional breakdown trying to find out the problem with the code, only to change the battery and find it working fine.

Yes, right now we are trying to program the EDU bot and having problems downloading the program to the interface. :ahh:


Yes i know, we press the program button and turn the LED orange like it is suppose to be, but when we go to download the program onto the interface the LED resets and starts blinking again.

I’m assuming that you’re talking about the Program State LED. It will turn orange when the Program button is pressed. When you start downloading to it, the LED will flash. Is this what you’re seeing? What do you see at the loader side? There should be a progress bar that shows the status of your download.

No it just brings up a download error message.

Try holding the Program button on the RC down, then clicking and holding down the Download button on the loader. Release the Download button then immediately release the Program button. We’ve had problems in the past with older laptops not being able to download and this usually solved it.

Also, are you sure that your serial cable is good and that it is properly seated in the programming port?

Sometimes hitting the reset button helps as well…

Ok now this is not working, we switch cables, we have tryed so many times to press the program button and at different times, but it will still not program :mad:

Well I rember exactly a year ago when i was on a rookie team with the exact same problem. It gets better, since them I have learned a third programming language and written 6 different auton codes for the bot, This time last year I could do little more than program a TI 83 in a dummed down version of basic, once you get it it just keeps coming.

Now to solve your problem (or atleast to help) are you uasing a laptop or desk top. With a laptop make sure it sees the port your using, with a desktop dont bother fighting with it if you have acess to another computer use that instead, I have an HP and an Emachine at home with Identical processors, memory and operating systems, however I can only load code from my HP and not my parents Emachine, go figure. Have someone take it home and try, It seemed to me that the edu rc is far more tempermental than its FRC counter part.

Like I said I was in the same place last year, I had no mentor help and no experience (I don’t know what your mentor situation is like) If you need more help then PM or Email me. I’d be more than happy to give you a hand, also if you have a phone with free long distance Id be happy to give you my cell number let me know. Email is [email protected]


We had similar problems when trying to download code and the laptop was on battery power. One of our older laptops can only download when connected to a docking station and a newer one needs to be plugged in to its ac adapter.


I’m in the same boat, all the programmers graduated and I know BASIC is well basic but does anyone know a good place to learn the finer points of BASIC?

BASIC has no fine points. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, anything fancier than LET A = A + 1 and FOR I = 1 TO 10 / NEXT I is likely to be implementation-dependent. You’ll have to study your programming environment in order to find out what “finer points” exist.

Well Basic is not a practical language, it is actually only good in the fact that is extremely simple in an hour a person can be writing formulas to run in dos (or on calculators) This is why the language is seen so often in very low level programming, you can learn the basics of psuedo code and the theory behind the code while not having to jump into a more advanced language. I have found basic to be easier to understand than many “scripting” languages, including The FRC one from this past year.

Any thing you wantt to know about C just ask either me personally or post on here many people on here have been using c16 for the past couple seasons and have mastered writing robot code with it. Any questions we will try to answer.