doe anyone know if we can make a power cord for the camara without the orignnal???:ahh:

Of course! A search through the CD files will reveal the Radio Shack part number of the camera power connector or you can just take the camera with you to the local electronics house and match it to one they have in stock. Add a pair of wires and you back in business.

The kop comes with two camera power supplies. One with the camera, one in a sepperate bag.

That being said, there are pros and cons to each.

One that came from axis in box, the pro of it is the barrel connector fits extremely well, the con is the negative uses the shield which isn’t the best solution for stuffing it into a wago connector (ferrules help this)

The baggy on has the pro of being two separate wires so you don’t have to pull away the shield, the con being that the barrel connector didn’t fit in the camera quite as well as the single conductor.