AI for FRC

Hello I want to learn artificial intelligence for frc, could someone recommend me a website to learn?

Could you be more specific about what you have in mind when you say “artificial intelligence”? That’s a term with many, many different meanings in many different fields.


Off by one letter, but there’s this :

But yeah, agree that AI is too vague a term without some elaboration.

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I want to use artificial intelligence for the robot camera system

Just for some more context, can you explain your current vision set up/system?

Machine Learning might be a better term to search for than AI when you are reading up on this.

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The robotics league that is perhaps the most advanced and open about AI for robotics competition is the DJI RoboMaster league.
They offer a tutorial on AI for robotics competition at the following GitHub address:

All the software they mention in the tutorial is available from the RoboMaster GitHub repository.

I would suggest, if you are not already familiar with them, to investigate the two following frameworks, used by most robotics teams:

  1. the Robotic Operating System (ROS): paper: Team 900 Presents— Zebravision 5.0: ROS for FRC
  2. OpenCV:
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We have since published several updates to our original ROS white paper as well as given a talk at ROSCon that is available online.

Our work is accessible at for the curious.


Many thanks for the update!

I’m not sure I’d take on learning both ROS and machine learning in one go. They’re not really necessary for each other … and each are a big enough task on their own.

From a few years back - - is an attempt at getting a tensorflow-based deep learning object detection algorithm working on FRC game pieces. See here Machine Learning for Game Piece Detection for the post.