AI Generated Team Names

This person has a blog where she runs neural nets on various things. Most recently, she created some FRC team names, which you can find at

Evidently, thanks is due to “Kendra from the Aluminum Narwhals,” so thanks Kendra!

“RoboTippers”, um, that’s a yellow card* waiting to happen :smiley:

*if strategic, RED CARD

Why does “Green Obscurum*” make me think of a large forest?

*Is the team name itself an H07 violation?

Would a “reasonably astute observer” be able to tell that the name was AI generated?

These are so good.

I appreciate this name:

“Team NOT Robotics”

And here I was just using machine learning for making insurance rates…

Good to see folks using machine learning for the good of mankind.


Oh man, the logos are the best thing about this post (let me know if I should not hotlink them):

I really like groups three and four. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be on team BOOP? CHARD could be a pretty good acronym if somebody wanted to work on it, and also provides a lovely green theme.

I like Exists

That would make programming a little confusing

if(!Exists) {


These are great! I kinda hope someone uses them someday :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m partial to Robot Robotics of the Robotics

I could imagine a team with the name “Scone” pretending to drink from a teacup with their pinkies out as they are introduced on the field…

List of students on one of these teams:


This is one of my favorites too, mostly because it reminds me of the greatest sentence in the English language.

I should probably point out that 1902’s name was given by a random word generator… Exploding Bacon.

This could be interesting.

I call robots robotics of the robotics :). I’m actually going to try to name our team this.

A close cousin to the “Robot McRobotFace” trend?

Ham & Panthers would be a pretty legit name, and could actually work with a lot of current school mascots.

Seems far-fecthed. How many schools have ham as a mascot?


Ham and Panthers: the FRC team in Pittsburgh, Arkansas*.

*Don’t know if that’s a real place, was just a way to link the Arkansas Razorbacks to the Pittsburgh Panthers

My favorite so far is “Walks the Meats,” which kinda reminds me of Arby’s.