Aim High Animation - with subtitles

Dear teams,

Once again we have translated this year’s game video to Portuguese and added subtitles to it.
The link is and it’s a 45 Mb download.

Maybe someday we will dub it. Maybe we we can get Dave do it! Great accent! :yikes:

PS - the post is more targeted to Brazilian teams, but if anyone is willing to take a crash course in Portuguese FIRST lingo, that’s a nice start :wink:


Nice Job Manoel!

You were preety fast this year!

Thanks, this will help teams a lot.

Thanks, please share it with the rest of your time and specially CEPHAS, we don’t have contact with them yet.

2.6 GBs downloaded in one day, I wonder what the NASA site goes through with the original animation video… :ahh:

Thanks alot. I was looking for this. I slept in the day of the kickoff in our area =)

Looks like you want the regular animation video. If that’s the case, scroll down NASA Robotics - Events : FIRST and you’ll be able to download both the video and the entire kickoff web cast. Enjoy!

Muinto Obrigado :slight_smile:

Eu so brasileiro mais vivo na Florida

I am happy to see that our country has many (relative) teams this year.

Boa Sorte!

How can I download this animation to a disk to present to my team in a room that doesn’t have internet access?


THANKS!!! I was able to find the downloadable version at the nasa website and burn it to a disk. Now I will be able to present the animation at our Team Ford First Strategy meeting being held at Fordson High School. We had a terrible ice storm and many of our students were unable to make the kickoff. Thanks again.
Roxanne Crabill - RoboRoxy - Team 184

Does anyone have the NASA animation in any other high-quality format except QuickTime?

Or, better, how do you convert QuickTime into any other format (AVI, MPEG-2, etc)

This kinda relates to this topic. But does anyone know how to get the files but get them into iPod format? I tried one converter but it did not work…any ideas?

Justin Holt
Team 173

You can do it with Quick Time Pro (or Full, whatever the paid version is called). Don’t know if there’s a free solution.

I think it’s legal to send you the high quality AVI version I have, it’s a ~600 MB file. PM me to arrange how can I send it you (MSN, FTP, whatever).


lol. now can you do it in english? Dave seemed a little bored this year.