Aim High - Match Cycle Time Input Needed

We’re trying to figure out what sort of match cycle time to run for this year’s IRI.

What was the cycle time for qualification matches at this year’s Regionals and Championships?

I am thinking that it was between 6 & 7 minutes, but not sure which one is more accurate.

Andy B.

I think it was at the Detroit Regional that the times were set for 6:30. That’s enough time if the field cooperates. If you have a reset or failure, all bets are off.

FLR stats from the FIRST site as the match results show that it is 7 minutes between matches.
While WMR and Champs was 6 minutes. Even GTR was 7 minutes for the two fields and 3:30 for one field.

If you want a more relaxed event go with 7 minutes. If there is a failure then you can fix without having to run OT.

If I remember correctly, Palmetto was run on a six-minute cycle.

Every event I did, it was 6 minutes. About half of the time you were gaining time to make up for late starts and the other half was maintaining the proper schedule.

The “normal” match cycle time is in the 6 minute range. At NJ and Philly we were down in the 5:00 to 5:30 range most of the time (and finished on schedule because of it). In Pittsburgh we tried to keep it at 6:00 or a little more because we had so few teams (24) and didn’t want to overheat their pit cart tires.

FIRST match cycle times were 6 min. Most of the fields at championships were running ahead of schedule.

Remember that FIRST is not shipping the automatic scoring systems to off season events. Match cycle times maybe longer do to having to manually count the balls.