Is anyone else having problems with AIM…i Think someone attacked their servers or something

Yeah, It is broken here in Indiana too.

Or maybe a bomb went off and took out there servers! :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Chances are they are doing a system upgrade or are having a short outage, no reason to jump to conclusions!

In any case, mines down too.

Yeah…I was in a chat room with about 12-17 other FIRSTer’s and then all of a sudden a lot of people left…and then I was off. It was quite odd.

Im pretty sure its AIM and AOL too…my roomate just tried AOL and it was broken. Hopefully its just a system upgrade…although I had not heard anything prior to this.

Same here in CT… i have tried multiple screennames with AIM and AIM Express… nothing works. Though when I log on, it sometimes connects and gets to the #2 part of startup, but it then fails.

Good thing I was not the only one in the chat that had this issue…lol… I guess this is the end of the chat tonight… bye… :slight_smile: :smiley:

ok looks like we’re back online

and i thought i would have to do work tointe

It was down here for a good 20 minutes, but now it’s back up…so much for being productive.

Back up here too, guess an edit is needed: