Aiming High, Another year of lifts?

Last year our team had a rough time with a 3 stage chain driven lift. Looks like the high portions of the rocket will be more stable to score in than the tipping scale, but are nonetheless quite high.

Does anyone want to share strategies on how they plan on attaining that height? Are you reusing last year’s lift components, redesigning a new lift, or are you just gonna SEND IT?!

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From most of the talks it seems like our team (3258) will be using another single stage elevator like last year which seemed to work well but it all depends on the way we choose to deliver the game pieces.

Because hatch panels can’t really be effectively “shot” to the higher rocket positions, we decided having a linear lifting mechanism for scoring both hatches and cargo would be the way to go. We aren’t really sure what the mechanism will be exactly, but an elevator seems like a fast, efficient, and consistent mechanism for achieving this task.


Yeah elevators or lifting systems are probably the way to go especially with the rules stating that hatches cannot be thrown.

My team is leaning toward a 6 bar. I’m having trouble finding video of other frc teams using 6 bar or 4BDR. Most of the lifts last year were similar linear multistage elevators. They seem quite effective, but a 6 bar seems like a simple thing to put together. I could be very wrong in this assumption!

My only gripes about using the 6 bar is keeping within the 30 in outside frame perimeter, beyond that it’s a relatively light game for the elevator so getting it to move isn’t a problem. If you do decide to go with the 6 bar I would be very excited to see it in action! Thank you for sharing your teams ideas.

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Take a look at 6474 and 33 last year!


Us as well. We have only (successfully) constructed a lift once, and even then, it was a single stage lift. Much work ahead.

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Team 6153 used a 6 bar as our lift last year. We were a vault/switch robot so we didn’t need the full height of the elevator. It was always hidden by our ramps so not a lot of people saw it. It can be a very effective lift but you need to make sure all of the joints are solid and you don’t shear the metal.

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