Aiming High in Stronghold

The high goal is already becoming a decisive factor, late on Saturday afternoons. How high will the high-goal counts get?

254-1658-3970 made 14 high goals (1 auton and 13 teleop) in SF1-2 at CVR. This might be the highest high-goal count through Week 3, but I think the count will get higher, as stronger alliances improve their speeds at the breach, and as the breach-and-capture alone becomes insufficient to guarantee a win.

Will we see 20 high goals in a match? Or will better defense keep the sharpshooters from going that high?

Maximillian said that already there has been a match with 16 boulders scored at Tech Valley:

I think that we’ll see the maximum amount of boulders increase until the championship. At the championship, that number will slowly start decreasing until they reach their nadir on Einstein.

OP said specifically high goals. That Tech Valley match only had 12 high goals.

The game will evolve to favor consistency over ceiling. Basically an average of 6 with a ceiling of 7 is ultimately better than a team with an average of 3 that hit 8 in only 1 match.

*Here’s some highest-score data for weeks1 and 2. As soon as week3 is complete I’ll post the week3 high scores.