Air Compressor Wireing question

Is it in the rules that you MUST use a spike relay to turn the compressor on and off? or can you wire it to be always ON and shut off using the supplied pressure switch?

  • Bochek

The pressure switch is not rated to 12 volts, so it must be wired through the robot controller.

<R103> The Nason pressure switch must be connected to the output end of one of the Clippard
tanks to sense the tank’s pressure. The two wires from the pressure switch must be
connected directly to a digital input and ground terminal on the Robot Controller, and the
controller must be programmed to sense the state of the switch and operate the relay
module that powers the compressor
. The Parker pressure vent valve must be connected to
a Clippard tank such that, when manually operated, it will vent to the atmosphere to relieve
any stored pressure. The valve must be placed on the ROBOT so that it is visible and

oops, well its worked so far :S

Here is how you fix your problem, on your controls at the player station you put a switch to turn on (and off) your compressor, then you turn it on at the start of the match and leave it on for the rest of the match, the air regulator will turn the compressor off automatically when you’ve reached the maximum allowable pressure.

Yes, you must use a spike relay to control the compressor via the pressure switch.

The default code from IFI has the pressure switch wired to Digital I/O 18, and the compressor on/off to relay_8.

digital_io_18 = INPUT; /* Used for pneumatic pressure switch. /
relay8_fwd = !rc_dig_in18; /
Power pump only if pressure switch is off. */

what is to stop us from wireing it up like this:

Fuseblock -> pump + -> pump -> pump - -> pressure switch -> Ground?

as soon as you plug in the battery your tanks will come up to pressure and the pump will shut off.

  • Bochek

OOPS, just realized you posted <R103> and i just read it.

My bad, OK, looks like thats the way to do it then.

  • Bochek

This is something that I have been tempted to do in the past, but if you take another look at <R103>, I think that may not be kosher.

The word “must” indicates to me that you are not allowed to just rely on the regulator.